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Personal Secured Loan

Various institutions offer an opportunity to maximise existing assets to finance future purchases. These offers cut across multiple areas such as mortgage loans, passbook loans, home equity loans and car title loans.

LG Explained

Loan grading is exceptionally crucial as you search for loans. It is a mechanism through which lenders determine whether they should accept a loan request. Lenders access the loan grading based on borrowers' credit history, quality of collateral, and likelihood of payment.

Personal and Leisure

There are various of finding options that allow you to finance your personal and recreational acquisition. Different institutions provide these services within Australia. These loans for personal and leisure activities cut across the following categories.

Caravan Finance

Various institutions offer financing services to enable individuals to finance the purchase of camper vans and caravans for recreational purposes. These lenders provide different financing options, including secured and unsecured loans.

Boat Loan

Various lenders enable individuals to explore the beauty of the sea while maintaining financial stability. They achieve this through boat financing services which cut across consumer and personal loans.

Salary Packaging

Employees can now maximise their salary earnings to finance the purchase of various essential materials. From business car purchase to commercial purchase, employees can also gain a tax benefit.

Truck Finance

Transportation is the livewire of most and every business. However, acquiring the necessary truck or fleet can be quite tricky. As such, various institutions and stakeholder offer truck finance for the purchase of such truck. Typically, they offer these financing through multiple options such as a chattel mortgage, asset leasing and hire purchase.

Business and Equipment

Just like for your personal and leisure use, various institutions offer financing services for business purposes. They support the purchase of equipment and other necessary business tool needed for operational efficiency. These business and equipment loans cut across the following

Bike Loan

Motorbikes come at considerable financial costs. Various lenders provide easy access to funding which reduces those cost and promote financial stability. These options include secured loan, unsecured loans, and hire purchase.

Car Loan

The Australian lending market provides access to a wide range of lenders who offer car loans for leisure purposes. They provide various financing options ranging from personal car loan to consumer loan to novated leases.

Chattel Mortgage

Financing the purchase of business equipment or machinery should grant ownership to the business from the beginning of the purchase. And that is where a chattel mortgage arrangement comes in. It allows companies to receive finance sum in return for executing a mortgage as security in favour of the lender.


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